Why We Do What We Do

My Malonda Boutique started with My Malonda Girls. A doll that exemplified what is happening in Malawi, Africa and the 'Reap What you Sew' Project. We employ former students to make custom dresses and hair wraps for dolls to sell here in the United States. All proceeds enable us to enroll more impoverished woman into the 'Reap What You Sew' tailoring school to learn how to sew, become business owners, & bring their families and villages out of poverty. 

Our attention has turned toward making a more sustainable profit in order to be able to build more schools when needed. We have successfully made money selling the dolls which has, in turn, encouraged us to take a step back and find American-made products to sell for profit would serve our purpose better. This is how we became My Malonda Boutique, an online retailer that provides a fun shopping experience for anyone looking to buy beautiful items while helping those in need in Malawi, Africa. All proceeds from items sold go toward Project Malonda and the 'Reap What You Sew' tailoring school. 

Our hope is that you can enjoy shopping while knowing that your money is going toward more than just an item or a large corporation, but is helping those less fortunate than us and teaching them the skills needed to be able to provide for their families.  

You are still able to purchase a My Malonda Girls doll, with clothes made by one of the students from the 'Reap What You Sew' tailoring school funded by Project Malonda. 

To learn more about everything we are doing in Malawi, Africa visit projectmalonda.org.