Project Malonda

It’s often difficult to truly understand the depths of poverty that a many people suffer in 3rd world countries, but it’s even harder to comprehend the plight of many of the women in these cultures, especially those on the bottom of an already economically ravaged society. These women are often left to fend for themselves, their children, and dozens of the abandoned in their villages. Since these same countries generally offer no educational benefits to women in this class, the most destitute have no hope of learning a trade that might help to sustain themselves and their families.

That’s where Project Malonda, or Project “Trade,” has stepped in. This project focuses on the lowest of the low in some of the poorest countries in the world—the women in outlying villages—many of whom have taken on the responsibility of caring for their children, as well as many orphaned children in these villages. The 'Reap What You Sew' Trade School, part of Project Malonda, is one way we hope to help these women. By offering these women an education in the business of tailoring, business, and accounting, our graduates are finding value and hope as successful businesswomen in their own right.

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