Why Shop My Malonda Boutique?

My Malonda Boutique supports the growing population of businesswomen in impoverished countries (like Malawi, Africa) and their movement out of poverty. "Malonda" means “trade” in the Malawain language, Chichewa; which is how "Project Malonda," "My Malonda Boutique," and "My Malonda Girls" received their respective names. By shopping at our boutique, you are providing opportunites for the people of Malawi to sustainably get out of poverty. By showing our business your support, you are loving on people who live thousands of miles away. Your financial support through buying our goods funds the education of women who would have no opportunity otherwise. It is the hope that My Malonda Boutique will encourage women to reach their full potential and celebrate the Malawian women who now know the freedom of being successful business owners.